The Lost Scrolls

Prior to the Age of Obscurity (known colloquially as The Dark Ages), knowledge of the worlds and dimensions that make up the omniverse flourished. The Great Bibliotheca of Eridug housed a copy of every document ever created including many rescued from the rubble of the Library at Alexandria.

Fearing an uprising by the hoi polloi who had learned not only to read, but to employ critical thinking and reason to what they read, the Tenebrae (a group of wealthy and influential folk who were the precursors to the Illuminati) launched a violent campaign to obliterate the documents at Eridug. The loss of the Scrolls of Sapientiae, as the works have been called, is considered to be a greater disaster than the cataclysm that ended the Mesozoic era of dinosaurs.

During the carnage, the last bibliothecary standing, Sophia the Erudite, barricaded herself in a storage room and scrawled out a message on a scroll -- a message meant to encapsulate all the wisdom of the ages. Fully aware that the Tenebrae's ruthless henchmen would stop at nothing to collect every scroll, Sophia chose death lest under torture she divulge the whereabouts of the last scroll. Fingers trembling as the men beat down the door, she locked the rolled parchment in a codex.

She then tucked the codex inside her bodice and threw herself over a parapet to the rocky shore below where the few bibliothecaries who'd escaped slaughter struggled to get a boat into the sea and flee. A pair of the librarians rushed to Sophia's side as their companions continued to muscle the boat over the rocks. Finding her dead, they carried her to the water to spare her mutilation by the butchers. They then escaped with the codex, keeping it moving for decades until the last of the bibliothecaries passed away from old age, taking the location of the codex to his grave.

Rumors of the scrolls whereabouts have bubbled up across the globe for centuries, but the location of the scroll remains shrouded in mystery. Recently, members of the Tenebrae began a new search for the sacred text, determined to destroy it and its message once and for all. The only hope for keeping it out of their hands is for someone else to find it first.

The search begins 1 November 2019 when the time capsule containing the first clue opens. If the codex is not found by 1 February 2020, it will self-destruct, taking the scroll with it.