Our team of scholars and explorers is busy putting together plans and itineraries for our quests. While they've been keeping things close to the vest and haven't divulged much, we were able to get out of them that crusaders who take on a quest will be able to do so as a lone wolf or part of a pack. Bounties will be available to successful questers, in the form of virtual or tactile swag and 'stuff'. Each quest will culminate in an online celebration on Facebook and a month thereafter, a celebratory tea party in Southern California.

The Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences' Patreon page will serve as our hub of quest activity. Those who wish to team up with others in their element may do so via our Forum or our Discord channel (the latter coming soon.) Each year we will host an in-person confluence, giving questers the opportunity to revel face to face.