Your Element

A zippy new interactive ELEMENTAL INCLINATIONS questionnaire
will be live on 1 August 2019

The most helpful step you can take on your questing journey is to find out where you fit in the scheme of things. Below is the academy's Elementary Assessment form. When you matriculate with the school, the curator will send you a customized recommendation of element affiliation and career path.

For now, this simple temporary questionnaire will steer you toward affiliation with whatever element was reflected in the majority of your answers: [A] Ignis (fire), [B] Terris (earth), [C] Arbis (wood), [D] Aquis (water), [E] Nitris (air), [F] Platen (metal), [G] Aether

Once you find your natural element, you'll be able to navigate your environment more easily, with or without your tribe (i.e. those who share your interests and proclivities.)